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Date: Thursday, February 4, 2010 - 9:58 am

torsdag 04 februari 2010 07:48:03 skrev Ken Restivo:

>From what I remember in music class is that pentatonic is all over the world.
I wouldn't say that using pentatonic defines blues. But some one with more
insight in musical theory might want to chime in here.

A funny coincident with the pentatonic scale is that yesterday I went over to
the Culture House (Kulturhuset) in Stockholm to listen to the first record [1]
with a blues song in it and it stroke me that it was very pentatonic except
for the trombone solo part with a few blue notes. It actually was more what I
today would call early Swedish jazz and not the blues scale dominated blues
that we often hear today.

[1] The Original Green Orchestra (T.O.G.O) Stompin' The Blues, 1928

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