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Date: Thursday, February 11, 2010 - 9:05 pm

Renato wrote:

(As usual, forgot to reply to the list!)

Thanks for this. It's very far removed from the sort of music I'm into,
but I thoroughly enjoyed that and listened to another one of his tracks
on YouTube.

It reminded me of a musician I used to listen to years ago and I'm
listening to a track or two on YouTube now. He's called Ed
Alleyne-Johnson and he plays a purple electric violin that he built
himself. He's a prolific busker also and works in the same way with
looping, using pizzicato to build a bit of beat and layering up rhythms,
then playing vocal and lead parts over the top. He used to be a regular
sight on the streets of Chester and from the look of the videos plays
frequently in York as well

He also plays acoustic violin as well, which he did for a time with the
band New Model Army, way back in 89/90.

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