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Date: Friday, December 24, 2010 - 10:54 am

> The alternative is to include active circuitry, or use the FET in

*nod* It makes a very nice capsule in the source follower config, BTW.

If you already have one of the Behringer ECM8000, it's possible to
reuse the internal PCB with some component substitutions to use the
source-follower modded capsule in an appropriate way with phantom, and
you get to reuse the mic body too! You won't want to reuse the
capsule in the Behringer though, Behringer uses whatever they happened
to source that week. I've modded four of these mics total, all four
had different PCBs and different capsules. Once I looked closely, the
body measurements were all slightly different too!

I can snap pics / post the mod as I did it. I've had a pair of these
mics calibrated by a BAS member here in Massachusetts, they tested
very well.

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