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Date: Thursday, December 2, 2010 - 9:52 am

Y-ellow All.
What can we do with something like an Audigy 2? Yeah I know it's a
Creati-flabs sound card but it's hardware and it's PCI. And they're
everywhere second hand for not much cash.

Obviously I'm not interested in what wonderful gaming performance this
thing has. Only in using it as a wavetable synth. Which means not only does
it need to play back samples but I need to be able edit the parameters.
Soundfonts aren't exactly the most flexible format but it would be better
than nothing. And being hardware, all the software has to do is control it.
Hopefully without a huge software overhead.

What I was thinking was cobbling together a stripped down RT linux distro
of some kind. Frugal enough to run on one of these tiny MO-bos I have
kicking around. All it has to do is host the sound card and allow me to
edit and control it. Let the hardware do the rest.

I use to get away with an AWE32 for years. It was highly serviceable and
never let me down. I'd go back to that right now if it were technically
feasible. The thing had a hidden S/PDIF out on it, which, with the addition
of an isolating transformer, was damn near perfect. Ok so it's filters were
lame. It's effects were basic. But someone had written a little app that
allowed the user to access all the hidden parameters and you could make it
do some well wicked stuff. Even though no-one knew what most of them
actually controlled.

If there was a way of using something like an Audigy 2 card and building a
sampler, but with the stability of a linux host, I'd be all ears.

Thanks in advance.

Be absolutely icebox.

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