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From: Q <lists@...>
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Date: Thursday, December 16, 2010 - 12:53 pm


Does anyone here know how to use gigedit?

The LinuxSampler forum seems to be pretty much dead -- people post
questions, but no-one knowledgeable replies. I've searched the forum,
which is not an easy task because its "common word" filter seems to rule
out everything I want to search for. The documentation and posts I have
found are anything but clear.

The areas I want to find out about are velocity curves -- specifically
how to turn them off. For example, I want a LPF connected to the
modwheel, but this also renders the filter velocity sensitive, which I
don't want.

The other main areas are how to change the order of instruments within a
gig file (changing the MIDI program number has no effect and I don't
want to have to start again from scratch assigning 350 samples) and how
to get keyswitching to work.

Can anyone give me any help trying to achieve these things in gigedit?


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