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Date: Saturday, December 11, 2010 - 5:26 pm

Hello all,

This is to give an update on the qmidiarp development status.

Since the last discussions here there are mainly the following new

o There are now three trigger modes selectable from a new combobox:

1) No trigger: the original continuous mode
2) Kbd Restart: the arp will restart its loop on every stakato note
change, i.e. when the previous note is released before pressing a new key.
3) Kbd Trigger: the arp will restart and be triggered by the pressed note.

o The latency should be 2 ticks now, so around 10 milliseconds, with which
I haven't found lost notes so far even with four arps plus lfo running in parallel.

o The arp patterns (along many other controls) can be changed by a
midi-learnable controller, on the fly.

As it seems the alsamodular mailing lists are not much followed anymore, so I will need some support to convince my own team to release it or setup a new dedicated project page. So please test, bash it, critique it, praise it.

Installation is:

cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@alsamodular.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/alsamodular co -P qmidiarp

autoreconf -i
sudo make install

Have fun

The resume of changes since 0.0.2 is as follows.

New Features
o Arpeggio pattern preset infrastructure
o Synchronized MIDI LFO modules added
LFOs have calculated and drawable waveforms, selectable frequency,
amplitude, offset, time resolution and length
o Synchronized step sequencer modules added
Step sequencer can be transposed and velocity-modulated by received
notes, sequence can be drawn on the fly
o Pianoroll-type display of arp patterns and cursor line
o Envelope function for chord arpeggios with high polyphony
o Latch mode or Footswitch for holding notes in arpeggio buffer
o Keyboard-triggered or -restarted arpeggiator mode
o Input note delay strongly reduced making QMidiArp suitable for live
o MIDI-learnable control of many live-relevant functions
o MIDI realtime clock slave synchronization
o JACK transport client synchronization
o Event log entries are color-coded, optional MIDI Clock event display
o Re-designed graphical user interface: all modules and dialogs
are dockable floatable windows, main and file icon toolbars added
o New .qmidiarprc file containing GUI settings, user arp patterns and
last file path
o Save and SaveAs functions with modification monitoring
o All relevant session parameters stored in new .qmax XML session file
o Manual pages in English, French and German
o Handler for SIGINT added to handle unsaved or changed files more
carefully at program termination.
o Handler for SIGUSR1 added to provide support for LADISH level 1.
o Separate threads for ALSA Sequencer Queue handler and arpeggio engine

General Changes
o Port form Qt3 to Qt4 library.
o MIDI Channels and ALSA port id's displayed from 1...16
o On-the-fly tempo changes are disabled

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