Re: [LAU] you guys saw this digital, stringless electric guitar?

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Date: Monday, January 25, 2010 - 10:45 pm

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Am 23.01.2010 08:10, schrieb david:

Its basically a gentoo-tablet with a fretboard attached. The fretboard,
whatsoever is not much more than what you find in gaming-interfaces. It
does neither allow bendings nor hammering or tapping. The Touchpad
allows for triggering notes with differing velocity and can control 3
more parameters via MIDI-CC. Since touching the pad always has to
trigger a note to do something hearable this breks down to 3 parameters
in total since velocity will be doubeled. Since the firmware is open it
should be possible to add some more controls but the problem is, that
the pad is not pressure-sensitive so you will allways get on/off only...
not to mention the limitations of the fretboard that is not much more
then a note-namer

So it seems to me a toy, that could be a nice-to-have but compared to
what one can achieve with a Zeta plus kaos-pad or a wavedrum it is not
in the same league.

The maker of the device does not react very relaxed to criticism.
Yesterday I asked him about these limitations in his forum. He reacted
quite allergic, stating that I would not be competent enough to judge
his instrument for I would lack the knowledge in electronic music. Later
another visitor joined the discussion, backing my point of view. Shortly
after that the forum was closed....

we'll see, what will happen, if the device is being shipped and the
first user-reviews rush in...
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