[LAU] mx44 softsynth - help!?

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Date: Tuesday, January 19, 2010 - 5:47 pm

I'm desperately trying to get to grips with the mx44 synth
(http://hem.passagen.se/ja_linux/). It looks like it's very powerful,
and crucially it runs with low resources (I'm using a custom Ubuntu 8.10
on the OLPC XO laptop). Unfortunately mx44 is very undocumented, to
the point of several of the widgets in the GUI not even having labels.

Could somebody answer these basic questions?

(1) How are the 4 oscillators enumerated (left->right or top->bottom)?
(2) What do the unlabeled radio buttons and check-boxes do?
(3) Where are the frequency / pitch key follow controls? If I start a
patch from scratch I can't get an oscillator to make more than one
pitch. Perhaps I need to bring a second oscillator into play?

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