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Date: Tuesday, September 8, 2009 - 1:25 pm

Am 08.09.2009 um Uhr haben Sie geschrieben:

Thanks for your interest!
But to be accurate, I said: "If you need decent Midi: Use Denemo in 2
months. "

> tried the

The standard Mozilla/Firefox binary is "firefox". For some reasons we
still have "mozilla" as binary name in Denemo. You can change your
browser in Edit -> Preferences -> Externals

You are right that its not obvious how to load non-denemo files.
According to our roadmap a gui overhaul is planned for 0.9, which is the
version after the current one.
Your problems will be remembered.

> Does Denemo work with Lyrics at all? Otherwise, may I suggest an added

Denemo has a good lyric editor with multiple stancas per staff and it
shows you where you syllabes will be printed. In Denemo only the lyrics
for the current selected staff will be shown.
Its in the Object-Menu (Denemos main menu-bar where you find all the
functions) in Lyrics -> Add Lyrics

Now to the important part:
Importing Midi and Lilypond is not as good as it should be, but
currently its more important for us to get things out of Denemo than
get things in.
We know that many users want to convert their old files at first, but we
do not have enough manpower to work on everything at once, sorry. Please
be patient.

So while its possible to get midi and lilypond from external files it
can be quite some work for the user to overcome some crashes and
splitting the source file in "easier" packages.

Additionally you can copy and paste from a lilypond file directly to
Denemos staffs. Please use Edit -> Paste lilypond notes for that. I have
not tested that personally so I don't know what can be copied with that
and what not.

If you have any questions or wishes, please tell us.
For me its ok to answer Denemo questions here, but we also have our own
mailing-list in Denemo.


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