Re: [LAU] Musical Score Editors - some advice for beginners

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Date: Friday, September 25, 2009 - 7:13 am

Robert Jonsson wrote:

I bet QT3 disappears first from live Linux CDs, where space is always at
a premium ...

> But RG was built on KDE3 which in retrospect is a big problem. Now that

Then KDE4 should have done more about backwards compatibility. Now I can
blame KDE4 for even MORE reasons! ;-)

> The only long term solution I see is to do what they did, move to Qt4

Oh, I agree. But in the meantime, their program suffers and loses
momentum. I'm also worried about the effort burning out one of the

> In MusE we have had it easier in that it's already Qt3, a Qt4 port was

Hmm, why for?

> Still, that current MusE uses Qt3 isn't a big problem, we will move when

I consider the GNOME environment an insult to my email ID! ;-)

> it's evolution in progress...

No, it's imitation in progress. IMITATE Windows Vista or OS X. Eye
candy. Tedious piles of cluttered eye candy, instead of quality apps.

It's much harder to design a user interface than it is to design and
code an app.

I recently tried to upgrade my Sidux system here to KDE4.3.x. It
proceeded to uninstall all of my KDE3 apps, then install KDE4 and try to
reinstall the KDE4 versions of my KDE3 apps. There was a real shortage
of those. But it was all moot because KDE4 wouldn't run, anyway, some
disagreement with

I figure that around KDE4.5, it will finally be as usable as KDE3.5.

Oh, well, I'm the weirdo at work who always sets Windows XP to pick
performance over eye candy ...

authenticity, honesty, community
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