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To: Russell Hanaghan <hanaghan.osaudio@...>
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Date: Sunday, September 13, 2009 - 11:14 pm

I think aliki might be your friend. GUI tool for getting imp8lse responses.
It has the tone generator, a sine sweep, and I suspect some diagnostics. If
not, there are other GUI-tools to work from there. Displaying frequency
related diagrams.
I think, that Fons has also written one or more analysing apps, but I don't
know, if they do exactly that kind of analysis.
I really know only of one, which is not really ment to do that,
praat. It's meant for voice analysis. But I'm not really into graphical
interfaces. You can get a simple version of it with songanalysis. Don't have
the URL. It's a text-based program, that gives you relative strength of sound
in 749Hz steps. Mel scale or so. It's a simple text-output with relative
numbers. I don't really get their meaning. But you definitely get the gist of
it all and you see harsh peaks or drops.
Hope that helps a bit for a starter.
Kindest regards

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