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Date: Tuesday, September 1, 2009 - 2:33 pm

On Tue, 1 Sep 2009, Rob wrote:

> Nope, but if you are the next undiscovered John Williams and not a computer

Agreed. FWIW, this discussion should probably be on LAD... because a lot
of the folks making big contributions to the thread are saying, "Ableton
is really good. What could we *do* to get Linux audio that good?"

But... I could see how on the LAU list people might get a little peevish
at others setting up huge Rube Goldberg systems to try and emulate the
functionality of an innovative and monolithic app like Live. I don't
blame you. And: you're right. :-)

Still, this thread is not idle chatter -- even when people talk about a
few things that are a little over their head (because they're inspired).
This sort of discussion is how apps like JACK get born.

For anyone that's keeping score, we've started doing planning on the
Hydrogen Dev list. Yes, the Hydrogen back-end is not up to it, yet.
However, upgrading the back-end was *already* planned before we started
this discussion. And who knows, when we get done we might sit back and
say, "Hmmm... Hydrogen isn't right for this." But, ATM, some of us who
know Hydrogen well think it could be a good fit.

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