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Date: Friday, August 7, 2009 - 5:28 pm


On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 4:07 PM, Michael Bohle wrote:

To each his own, just a few observations:

> -Now I have the freedom of choice what kind of apps I want to use (free software or pro apps)

Nor the benefits of good RT kernels. As long as there's only one
kernel available, it can't be perfect for *everything*. But if you
don't notice the difference, then I guess you don't need it.

> -Only one audio system - core audio - and it is easy to handle
To each his own, again; for as long as I can remember, choice has been
one of Linux's bragging points. Nobody really wants unlimited choices
on *everything*, but would a pro athlete complain about having too
many choices of shoes?

> -It works rock stable and very intuitive
I *have* had crashes and lost work using OSX. It's intuitive I believe
because the GUI is designed in-house. If you look under the hood, you
see some very familiar Unix structures, which I have to admit I find
intuitive for a completely different reason. I HATE having to make
multiple selections using the OSX GUI.

> -a very good workflow covering all technics of modern multimedia production
Again, I like to choose between *many* very good workflows.

> -the audio apps are mature production tools with all features I need
I'm opinionated on this. I was forced to use many of these tools in
college and hated them. They didn't have all the features I needed.
They're good, but if your needs go beyond what MIDI is capable of,
some hotwiring is in order.

> -Ableton Live - more then a DAW

Good point. I still haven't found a good way to do this with Linux.
xjadeo was recommended to me and had problems, haven't tried it

> -I'm more productive with a Mac environment
No more need be said!

> -I doesn't need to be an geek/nerd to use my computer but I can if I want
I'm sure this makes sense in some non-geek way, but it's hard for me
to imagine anyone not wanting to be a nerd...

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