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To: Garry Ogle <garry.ogle@...>
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Date: Monday, August 31, 2009 - 2:55 pm

I'am not a Bass-man, but I could imagine that the
British_Blues-Pod_4X12.wav file, for example, from the
650-Assorted-Cabinet-Impulses will sound great with a Bass.
If you would try guitarix with jconv hock on , I will recommend to use
the SVN version, there is a noise gate, and a noise sharper in the
pre-engine-chain included, witch is in fact a compressor/limiter with
autogain correction. When you set the input volume to a low level,and
use only one tube, you will get a clean tone out of guitarix to feed

It would be interesting to get feedback from a Bass player, if guitarix
is usable with a Bass.


Am Montag, den 31.08.2009, 14:42 +0100 schrieb Garry Ogle:

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