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Date: Sunday, August 30, 2009 - 7:41 pm

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Dear all,
on behalf of the QARecord development team, I'm pleased to announce
the release of QARecord 0.5.0.

QARecord is a simple but solid recording tool. It works well with stereo
and multichannel recordings, supporting ALSA and JACK interfaces and in
both 16 bit and 32 bit mode. By using a large ringbuffer for the
captured data, buffer overruns are avoided. It has a Qt based GUI with
graphical peak meters. It is available under the GNU General Public

Special thanks go to Frank Kober and David Henningsson for their effort.


qarecord-0.5.0 (2009-08-30)

New Features
o Multi channel support
o While starting a new recording an existing file is automatically
o File auto-split during recording if size of recorded file reaches a
configurable limit
o Status label added (showing "recording", "paused" or "stopped")
o Configurable minimum of VU-meter
o Buttons are disabled when clicking them makes no sense
o File/New dialog remembers last used directory
o File names automatically extended to .wav
o Application icon
o French, German and Swedish translation
o Manual pages in English, French and German
o Keyboard shortcuts for GUI items

General Changes
o Port form Qt 3 to Qt 4 library
o autoconf/automake build
o Support for internationalization
o More verbose error messages if ALSA configuration fails
o MIDI channel numbering for "--midiChannel" option is changed from
0..15 to 1..16

Further information, screenshots and download links are available at
the AlsamodularSynth project page:




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