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Date: Sunday, August 30, 2009 - 12:42 pm

Llewellyn Beasley wrote:

Okay, I'll jump.

The mix throughout is good, nicely balanced, but I agree that at times
your drum groove is just a little bit too relaxed. To my ears there is
often an audible flamming between the snare and the downbeat, personally
I'd tighten it up a bit.

On another personal note: I know you call it a song, but to me it's more
of a groove loop (though the progression at ~4' is noticeable). More
formal variety would be welcome, and vocals usually create what I call a
song. Of course you can always claim inspiration from Mendelssohn. :)

The recorded sound is very good, as is the playing. The guitars are
especially sweet. I agree with the respondent who advised letting it sit
for a week. Return to it with a fresh outlook, see what happens, post it

Gee, that's such good advice I think I should start following it myself. :)

Thanks for sharing !



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