[LAU] Connie, an organ template for JACK

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Date: Sunday, June 28, 2009 - 5:03 pm


new version available, you can get it as source or from my debian
sid/experimental repo.
More info: http://cryptomys.de/horo/Connie/index.html

I'm working on a second test model with individual control of each stop and
some other changes, kind of poor-man's-hammond (jehova), but (at the moment)
without all the hammond special effects (leakage, click, random phase of
wheels, vibrachorus etc.).
Critics and hints are welcome, I need input for improvement.

I've cleaned the source code and separated user interface and tone generator -
you can add a qt- or gtk2-interface (some day...) but I'm going for the real
hardware, see: http://cryptomys.de/horo/V-USB-MIDI/index.html


connie 0.4.1 (summer in the city)
Created a second organ model (test): 9 stops, percussion and vibrato.
Cmd line args:
-a : autoconnect to system:playback ports
-d : german QWERTZ keyboard
-f : french AZERTY keyboard
-t Num : organ type, 0 = connie (default), 1 = test
Modularized the source code.
Cleanup of user interface.


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