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Date: Monday, June 1, 2009 - 1:29 pm


Dave I think you are correct and that is my experience.

I don't think they are not taking enough risks to make it a true studio program
for audio. For that you need to be devoted to audio like 64studio and others
and like you said be able to rip out pulse if you want. Apparently, if they did
push too far in the rt realm, it might take away from of general goodness of
ubuntu. I'm not trying to criticize the ubuntu rt team, I feel that they are
under too many constraints and need more leeway to really make the thing work
right. Maybe their priority is really graphics?

Currently, I really don't need rt so I'm now happy using the standard ubuntu
with only a few tweaks and re-building of more recent programs (and the 2.6.29
kernel for safe EXT4 use). However, last time I tried an rt kernel was a few
months ago in Jaunty testing and it wouldn't even get past the boot loader. I
had a few emails with a developer, but decided it wasn't worth my time for
something I'm not going to use anyway.

I've read reports of people using debian with 2.6.29.x-rtx and having very good
results after tweaking. I assume the same would be for ubuntu with the proper

Just a few thoughts, Geoff

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