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To: Ken Restivo <ken@...>
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Date: Sunday, May 31, 2009 - 6:30 pm

Ken Restivo wrote:


My last band was an organ trio with my buddy Dave playing the house B3
and me flailing away on my late 60s Gibby 335 piped into a 1963
blackface Super Reverb. That sound and everything else about that
experience will never leave me.

Three years ago, Dave and I followed up a lead on a closet classic B3
literally played by an old lady in her living room, and he couldn't have
reached for his wallet any faster. The Leslie was cherry too.

As to your mad scientist observation regarding the switches and sliders,
there's nothing quite as mad as the sound of switching off and on during
a song and hearing the tone wheels spin down and back up again!


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