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To: Dave Phillips <dlphillips@...>
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Date: Monday, May 11, 2009 - 3:14 pm

Dave Phillips wrote:

/linux/wscript should be the place where to say that you want to


I don't know the MusE code, and I can't tell you how difficult that would be,
and even if this is really recommendable or possible. In Jackbeat it was very
easy, but it may be *very* different in MusE. I presume it builds some shared
library for its own use, where some low level stuff is well encapsulated, and
which is linked to libjack.

In order to remove libtool you would need to build this internal MusE lib as a
static library. I just hope this shared library isn't (meant to be) used by
another app than MusE, because then you obviously shouldn't build it as a static

If that can help, here's the way I turned the offending Jackbeat's libstream
into a static library:


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