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To: LAU <linux-audio-user@...>
Date: Wednesday, April 29, 2009 - 11:38 am


Yesterday I tried to install the i386 version of the new Ubuntu Studio
9.04. I erased some partitions, got everything set up and going
swimmingly, then after a while I noticed that the installer had hung up
at an error. The error message informed me that the Select And Install
Software stage had failed. I chose to continue, went on to install Grub,
and then it failed too, with a similar message re: failure to install
Grub. Alas, at this point the installer went spinning into the dead
zone. I couldn't proceed, the error panel obscured the continuation
panel, and I eventually had abort the installation. Fortunately my 64
Studio partition was untouched, and the installer had left my original
Grub menu intact, so I still have a workable system on this machine.

Incidentally, the error message advises lowering the speed of my CD/DVD
drive. How can I make that happen ?

The machine is my laptop, an HP G60 powered by a Turion X2. I've had
problems installing other systems on this hardware, but some others have
installed without complaint (Ubuntu Intrepid, 64 Studio 3b).

I'm going to try the 64-bit version today, hopefully I'll have better
luck, but I was hoping to install a 32-bit system on this partition. Any
advice from the experts before I try the 64-bit install ?



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