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To: Viktor Mastoridis <viktor@...>
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Date: Tuesday, April 28, 2009 - 9:09 pm

2009/4/28 Viktor Mastoridis :

Simplistically speaking it's a non-issue to have multiple Linux OS's
on the same system, either on the same drive or even on separate
drives. Each is accessed through an entry in grub.conf. In my
experience you have to watch out for the following sort of issues:

1) Keep each system completely independent on different partitions.
Simplistically, if everything under / for each system resides in its
own / partition, which it sounds like you've done, or if you are
careful to create separate partitions for each distros /var directory
for instance, then you can have multiple partitions for each distro.
It's just important that each distro point only at partitions that it
is using. It sounds like you've done that so reinstalls should not be
required - only possibly edits in each distro's fstab files.

2) To protect each distro in each distro's fstab file make sure you
only mount the partitions appropriate for that distro. Don't mount
Debian's /var partition when running Suse, etc.

3) To share your user data between distros it's fine to have a single
/home partition that is used by all distros, but it has to be done
carefully and it likely will not be correct immediately after the
install. Different distros will give different users unique user and
group IDs so you need to make sure they are all made identical when
using useradd and other tools like that. None the less when they are
correctly set I've not had any trouble with Fedora reading my Gentoo
/home/mark directory, etc. I can log on as mark in any installation
and they all see the same files.

4) You can use grub from any modern distro to boot all distro's that
you've installed.

5) In grub.conf you'll have different kernel command lines based on
what disk you are booting off of pointing at the right partition.
Other than that grub will look very normal.

Hope this helps,
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