Re: [LAU] [LAD] Travel from Milan Malpensa to Parma on wednesday evening

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Date: Monday, April 13, 2009 - 12:02 pm

Benno Senoner wrote:

I've also investigated this, but given the fact that I already have to
cover 40eur for a stay in parma for that night, and that the public
transportation would set me back about 20eur (as far as I can see from
the internet), it all adds up to about 100eur anyway.

So for the extra 20eur the car costs, and another 20 for gas and road
toll, I'd rather get to Parma the same evening. As a hard-headed
stubborn idiot I'm probably going to take the chance, against your much
appreciated advice ;). It's a good opportunity to put those navigation
skills to a test... and I'll have a GPS at my disposal, so that should help.

In any case, thanks for the advice!



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