Re: [LAU] Running Status v.s "Ordinary" Status and MIDI merging

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Date: Wednesday, April 1, 2009 - 10:33 am

Crypto wrote:

Please note that neither the USB MIDI protocol nor ALSA's sequencer
messages can use running status.

That IN port is an ALSA sequencer port, isn't it?

Does the data look correct when you view it with aseqdump?

> 1.) Which part is actually responsible for the MIDI merging of two or more

Each ALSA sequencer input port has a queue of messages; ALSA
automatically puts messages into this queue in the correct order.

> 2.) Is it illegal to connect two output devices to one input port?


> 3.) If I should need some kind of virtual MIDI multiplexing/demultiplexing

Connecting one port to several other ports works without a separate

In certain situations, you might want to use the MIDI Through device.

Best regards,
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