Re: [LAU] xrun killer: --sync on jack2

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To: lau <linux-audio-user@...>
Date: Thursday, December 24, 2009 - 9:58 am

Thanks Jonathan for the heads up on Jack2!
A quick update:
If you remember form my earlier posts (re: Fluidsynth, soundfonts, jack,
and latency), I'd devised a "stress test", with the following results:
(a) stable with a 1.6 GB piano sample in linuxsampler (b) promptly crash
with a 8.2Mb string soundfont with any fluidsynth-based application.
By crash, I mean jack requiring a restart, making things unusable for
live performance.

My strong suspicion was a bug with fluidsynth, to which I did receive
helpful replies.

Subsequently, I came across ChickenSys Translator, which can convert a
soundfont to a gigastudio sample. I converted the same 8.2 Mb string sf2
to a gig, and guess what - now with the same stress test, linuxsampler
crashes jack!

So the issue is not really with fluidsynth, but with jack itself. David
had rightly suspected something to this effect, and Josh had suggested
that Jack2 would be more resilient.

I now believe the improved performance in my stress test when I upgraded
jack was due to switching from jack to jack2. My system has subsequently
become much more stable. I now need to try out the --synch mode in jack2.

Quick question: How do I get into --synch mode using qjackctl?
Looking forward to inputs/suggestions.


[P.S. I hope I haven't hijacked the thread topic...]

Jonathan E. Brickman wrote:

Guru Prasad B.R.
Centre for Ecological Sciences
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore - 560 012

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