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To: Folderol <folderol@...>
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Date: Friday, December 11, 2009 - 11:34 am

Folderol wrote:

I've just been playing with the idea of using the HTML5 audio element to
replace Flash-based streaming on my own site -- here's my
proof-of-concept so far:

Under Firefox and Chrome, it'll use HTML5 streaming Vorbis; under
Safari, it uses an MP3 instead. On anything else, it falls back to using
a Flash applet. Using simple HTML5 like this basically eliminates any
options for styling, but at least you get out of the Flash trap.

Another option that might fix your initial problem is jPlayer:

It uses Flash (or HTML5 when it's available), but it keeps the Flash
component hidden and builds the UI entirely in HTML/JavaScript, so it's
completely customisable.

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