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From: <fons@...>
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Date: Tuesday, December 1, 2009 - 10:10 pm

Hello all,

Updates of jconv, now called jconvolver, and the zita-convolver
library are available on the usual place:

The new zita-convolver is API-compatible to the previous
release but not binary compatible. If you have any code
using it please recompile.

Release notes for jconvolver and fconvolver 0.8.4

Jconvolver is a real-time convolution engine. It
can execute up to a 64 by 64 convolution matrix
(i.e. 4096 simultaneous convolutions) as long as
your CPU(s) can handle the load. It is designed
to be efficient also for sparse (e.g. diagonal)
matrices. Unused matrix elements do not take
any CPU time.

In contrast to e.g. BruteFir, jconvolver uses
multiple partition sizes, small ones at the start
of the impulse response and progressively longer
ones for the rest. This allows it provide both
zero processing delay while still remaining
efficient in CPU use.

Fconvolver performs the same processing on files
instead of real-time.

For this relaese the package and the binaries
have been renamed to avoid a conflict with an
existing 'jconv' package (related to the Japanese

Functionally this version is identical to jconv
0.8.0. See README.CONFIG for the syntax of the
config files. Since 0.8.0 it has been possible
to name and connect the Jack ports. The related
commands have been added to README.CONFIG.

Jconvolver will work with libzita-convolver 1.0.0,
but upgrading to 2.0.0 is recommended. Note that
if you update the library you have to recompile
this package.

NOTE: Jconvolver will normally not work correctly
when used with Jack's freewheeling mode, e.g. when
exporting in Ardour. It _could_ actually work when
used on a single processor system, but don't rely
on this. This release of jconvolver will print a
warning when freewheel mode is entered.

The 'mkwavex' utility from previous versions has
been replaced by 'makemulti' which offers some more

Enjoy !


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