Re: [LAU] Possible to have realistic guitar strumming sounds using my keyboard?

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To: Ng Oon-Ee <ngoonee@...>
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Date: Tuesday, December 1, 2009 - 10:58 am

On Tue, Dec 1, 2009 at 6:42 AM, Ng Oon-Ee wrote:

Here's some quick stuff I found via google:

"The technology has been designed to generate unique musical effects
in real-time, allowing effortless creation of spectacular cascades of
complex interweaving notes, techno arpeggios and effects, dense
rhythmic and melodic textures, natural sounding glissandos for
acoustic instrument programs, guitar strumming and finger-picking
simulations, random effects, auto-accompaniment effects, gliding and
swooping portamento and pitch bend effects, and new sound design
possibilities. It has been designed to be not only a valuable tool for
proficient musicians, but a means of interactively controlling music
generation for people of any level of musical skill, including no
musical knowledge whatsoever."

See also the Oasys STR-1:

"The STR-1 Plucked String is a physical model which allows you to
pluck, strike, scrape, or otherwise "excite" the string with 16
different "pluck" types, noise, or any of the onboard or RAM-based PCM

Here's an Oasys demo - I'm not a guitar player so while it sounds like
decent strumming to me - ymmv :

Here's an M3 strumming demo, a cheaper korg model:

Here's the GenoQs Octopus doing strumming:

The latter is "also called "the Chris Franke" effect" , not sure why
but I'm a huge tangerine dream fan.

- R
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