Re: [LAU] The Drummer's Gigsaw: upgrade + BOOGIE-BASE.

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Date: Tuesday, October 6, 2009 - 9:37 pm

Peter Geirnaert a écrit :

After a google search I found this:
There is a patch from Bram Moolenaar
gvim works fine otherwise, it's just annoying to get these warnings.
The editor seems to work ok despite the message.

> after which gvim exits and I get a new midifile in the MA-BASE

It's a basic demo, mainly for learning how the Gigsaw is working.
It's up to the user to do its own song. Gradually I'm filling the BASES
which give you the material for that. I'll explain contributions later.
Next months I also plan to try ALSA MIDI Humanizer by Cesare Marilungo.
But for now I'm very glad you succeed in running the Gigsaw.
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