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Date: Saturday, October 31, 2009 - 4:16 pm

On Saturday 31 October 2009 04:41:32 Viktor Mastoridis wrote:

So post it twice if you have to. Once in the heat of the moment and the second
time with all the details in place. From where I sit, the details help.

I do a little show on the radio here in the Bahamas. The Midnight Freedom

I play one song with a Free license a night around midnight. (I am trying in
my own small way to promote people doing the Freedom thing on the music and
art side of things.) If I don't see a Free license mentioned, I tend to
ignore the song when I am in my show search mode. If I don't see a general
genre listed, I may not listen if I am in a rush. If I don't see lyrics, and
I am again in a rush, I may pass over a song I like musically better in
favour of another that has the lyrics available. Now if the words are
perfectly clear in the audio itself, this may not be a problem. If I really
like the tune, I may spend a half hour on another day listening again and
again trying to make out the words.

Now this may be totally irrelevant to some of you but it may interest others.

all the best,

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