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Date: Tuesday, October 20, 2009 - 12:54 pm

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2009/10/20 Dave Phillips

> Greetings,

I guess it's the age of technology at work, not really anyone to blame. My
5-year-old sibling could differenciate between Firefox and IE when he was 3.

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2009/10/20 Dave Phillips <>


After reading the latest fanboy anti-Linux tirades on another site I
decided to relate a little story here on LAU.

One of my students has a 12-year old boy who wanted to build his own
computer. Even cooler, he wanted to install Linux on it. I gave him some
installation discs and spare parts, he ordered the rest of what he
needed, he assembled the machine himself after referencing various
articles on the net, and he just sent me a message to announce that he
had completed the work and was happily running Kubuntu Jaunty. He even
updated the mobo BIOS on his own, just to get the soundchip working
correctly. He's =A0also installed and configured the nVidia proprietary=

binary driver and is very happy with Compiz on his desktop.

So I have to ask, when I read comments from soi-disant "Linux-savvy&qu=
folks who somehow can't seem to get their audio working (or even instal=
the system without aches & pains) and thus declare Linux dead in the
water re: audio work, are these people simply too impressed with what's=

really just a little knowledge ? Is it possible that they're really not=

so smart after all, and they just like to think they are ? I ask,
because a 12-year old boy with no special background in computers just
kicked their whingeing asses all the way from alpha to omega.

Adding to his achievement he has convinced his parents to switch the
family machines to Linux. He's now the only 12-year old I know whose
chores include Linux system administration. :)

Okay, that's all, and I feel better now. Sorry for the OT noise. EOF.


dpI guess it's the age of technolo=
gy at work, not really anyone to blame. My 5-year-old sibling could differe=
nciate between Firefox and IE when he was 3.


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