[LAU] rosegarden midi editor woes

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Date: Friday, October 16, 2009 - 8:20 pm

Hi guys,
I'm using rosegarden 1.7.3 (=latest release)

I think this is the best tool to do midi editing for drums on Linux
(please tell me if I'm wrong), but it does do some weird things which
get on my nerves:

- inability to properly select (groups of) notes: frequently it selects
notes I didn't click, or it selects a group when I just want one
note, etc
- inability to properly insert notes: when i insert 1 1/32 note, and
then want to do one next to it, it removes the one i just insert
(even with quantize set to 1/32)
- copy paste behavior: when pasting, it pastes the notes at the
beginning of the song (is this pebcak?)
- when zooming in/out, the song jumps back to the beginning, even if
the 'time pointer' is somewhere else.

i could mention some more things, it only takes me a couple of minutes
to start hitting time-wasting oddities.

anyone had similar issues? can it be solved? is there something better
then rosegarden? i tried openoctave midi but found it to be even more
buggy then rosegarden (doesn't even render correctly)

thanks for your help
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