[LAU] Take one audio/midi-track to edit another (Record a professionel singer and use it to shape a amateur-recording)

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Hi people,

a few years ago I saw a TV-magazin where they showed how "music is produced".
It was all about pop and "Schlager" music.

They produced a playback and recorded the solo-voice track with a profesionnel, hired singer, which left afterwards.

Then they took a nice looking womand from the street because they said "Good look is more important than good voice" and showed her the playback track including the already recorded voice.

All the "rising star" had to do was to sing most exactly like the professional. They recorded it, used some autotuner and then came the interesting part.

They took the dynamic curve from the pro and told the programm to use that dynamic information to compress/shape/whateverMagic the amateurs recording. So it sounded like the amateurs voice but with a controlled and great dynamic expression.

Any idea how to do that with the avaible linux apps?


Nils Gey
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