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Date: Wednesday, January 14, 2009 - 9:12 am

aw geez!

ok lets get some stuff straight because I always see this on the Linux

Misconception #1) Other than SSL, Neve and RME almost ALL other audio
cards have the same 2 dollar chip and 3 dollar CODEC and 1 dollar IC.
RME and high end mfg have boutique stuff that is roughly about 80.00
Presonus, M-Audio etc... all have the exact same parts....

The real way the noise gets diminished is TRICKS OF THE TRADE

way #1 6 mil cuts on a board or better
#2 actual routing of lines and parts placement on board
#3 putting regulators on noisy areas to cut noise
#4 actual bath taken to wash boards that stop the lines from heating
up and touching or making noise
#5 voltage/heat
#6 step down voltage or step up voltage regulators
#8 read #1-#7

Also, to defend the Intel HD CODEC that is the same chip inside the Macs....
Also, that CODEC rocks as when we bump tracks out of Pro Tools we
actually run the output into Indamixx
to take advantage of 32bit and Ardour which sounds A HELL OF A LOT
BETTER than the crappy tin can sound we get out of Pro tools ...
Lastly, I did a remix a few months ago and I mixed my entire track on
Indamixx and when I went to bounce it to two track pass I compared it
to our (2) ten thousand dollar Neve Pre's and other than exciting the
track and expanding deeper fringe sounds, I COULD NOT tell the
difference..neither could Dr. Dre's engineer or Dr. Dre's DJ both who
have us run this setup for them....

Your actual poor capturing of audio and improper room with no bass
traps no pink noise indicator and no EQing of room will greatly affect
your songs much more than any audio card... plus if you do not know
how to actually mix down a track your song will sound awful no matter
how much money you got and how expensive your card is.. the only
difference is you could technically out spend your lack of knowing
what you are doing up to a certain point!



On Tue, Jan 13, 2009 at 11:38 PM, Arnold Krille wrote:

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