Re: [LAU] Alesis Multimix 16 FireWire ?

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Date: Friday, August 22, 2008 - 5:50 pm

Svend-Erik Kjær Madsen wrote:

Sorry, according to the the ffado site firewire device support list the
multimix16 is a no-go at present. Here's the link:

But anyway it says,

"Support Status: Not supported

[April 23, 2007]

The Alesis people informed me that currently all their resources are
devoted to getting their devices running on Windows/Mac, and that they
are currently not able to free up resources for us. They will contact us
when they are ready to support us.

If you are interested in getting an Alesis device and using it on Linux,
please query the Alesis sales support to see what the status on this is.
(Such that at least they know that interested people exist)"

You could try to get something started.


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