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Date: Tuesday, July 8, 2008 - 10:34 am

I'm using some spare vst plugins in Ardourvst 2.4.1. In my Suse 10.3 with Fluxbox I still use wine-0.9.52 for this, because newer wineversions cause the following behaviour of the vst gui: when opening the vst gui, there are 2 windows popping up, the one is empty, only showing enable/disable button, the other one is the functional vst gui. Reopening them a second time after having them closed is impossible, the vst gui remains disappeared. I then have to close and restart Ardourvst for newly gaining access to the vst gui. Under KDE I have this strange behaviour with every wine version (but this doesn't bother me so much because I love Fluxbox anyway).
And: YES, I did activate the "allow windowmanager to ... (or so)" option in wineconfig.

Now, in most actual Suse 11, there is no way to downgrade wine (or I just didn't yet find a way).
my question: does anybody experience similar problems and how do you solve them?

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