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Date: Sunday, July 6, 2008 - 12:45 pm


Since over three years jacklab try to find out what is the best
supported rt-kernel on opensuse. The early self compiled 2.6.x
rt-kernels broke a lot of drivers and it was not easy for users to
extend them with kernel modules or drivers (for nvidia etc) and often
the audio priority was a showstopper (xruns!). We decided to rebuild an
own rt-kernel (incl all suse patches) for JAD 1.0. (based on oS 10.2).

Since 10.3 opensuse offers a kernel-rt, but without the corresponding
kernel modules nor kernel-rt-source for build up a proprietary
nividia driver (needed for dualhead support) and not at least the "rtc
tick is to low" for Rosegarden.

The opensuse rt-kernel is not for musicians, it is for SLERT, an
enterprise realtime linux. (btw: One of the former LAC founder and
synthgeek Matthias Nargoni is the Novell Manager for SLERT)

The rt-kernel for oS 11 also doesn't supported well by Suse, still no
sources. But the experienced Suser (free suse package builder)
Jan Engelhard (jengelh) now offers in his repository a good (mature and
fast) rt kernel with nivida-gfx and some kernel modules. He have an
open ear for the needs of musicians. With the (patched with
rt6) opensuse 11 has a better audio realtime then ever. I can use half
of the buffers that I needed with the rt-kernels from the past. The rt
audio performance is comparable to 64studio (my personal reference
audio linux).

Packman offers most of the pro audio software we need, since
jacklab and packman joined forces by merging their repositories, and if
there is something missing (like wineasio or dssi-vst), you will find it
in the jacklab repo or in the 100 other repos around the opensuse build

The situation on opensuse Linux is pretty good for musicians at this
time :) The next time the jacklab devel Olli Bengs (Applelonkel) has
planed to release an installable live dvd named JAD 2.0, a remastered oS
11 for musicians. The jacklab community is very enthusiastic about this
release, because it looks very good, also the 64-bit version (oS
11 x86_64) works well on my test system.

have a nice day!

Am Fri, 04 Jul 2008 16:05:30 +0200
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> Hi,

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