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Date: Tuesday, June 24, 2008 - 8:49 pm


On Monday 23 June 2008 16:57:05 Atte André Jensen wrote:

Look at Arduino, or Create USB Interface.
both are relatively cheap CV-to-USB interfaces.
The first shows up as a serial device, the second as HID device.
HID can be used directly in Chuck, afaik. Serial I don't know.
There are also other programs which can deal with either, like SC or Pd.

> 2) I keep coming back to a web-cam based solution, since it's easy to

camera-based solutions are cumbersome if they get too dependent on light
levels in the room, as they may vary per performance. Depending on the design
of how you use the signal, this may or may not be a problem.

> 3) Another possibility is using some of the other ready-to-use,

What about a microphone in the audience area?
What about piezo's under the seats (depending on the concert context).

I suggest looking at the NIME ( conference proceedings to get an
overview on what people have done in this field, and what is out there.

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