[LAU] ESI RomI/O USB-Midi-Device to Rosegarden Input

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Date: Tuesday, May 6, 2008 - 10:00 pm

how do i have to set set input(recording)-device in rosegarden to record midi
from ESI RomI/O usb-midi-device?

i use a yamaha dd-14 e-drum. the metronom playpack to the dd-14 works
perfectly with "20:0 ESI ROMIO MIDI 1 (duplex)" (Midi-Geräte verwalten,
Vorschau abspielen, Gerät -> Verbindung - sorry, my Rosegarden is german ...
(i'll try to translate: playback, device, connection)

at "Aufnahmegeräte" (recording devices) i can only chose "20:0 ESI ROMIO MIDI
(duplex)" but this does not work. i wonder, why i can not chose "20:1 ESI
ROMIO 2 (write)" as i could at "Vorschau abspielen" (playback). maybe this
would be the right on, wouldn't it?

what is wrong?


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