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Date: Wednesday, May 28, 2008 - 10:46 am

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Am Dienstag, 27. Mai 2008 schrieb Peter O'Doherty:

Did you ever listen to the quality coming out of laptop-soundcards?

Even if the maker is using good parts (which would be a very rare case), th=
fact that its builtin and on the same board as everything else accounts for=
bad audio-quality. There is just no way to get the shielding right inside o=
a notebook. Unless you use a shielded card in the pcmcia/pccard-slot.

While it might sound good with (cheap) headphones, its definitely a no-go w=
connected to big power systems. Apart from the fact that symmetric=20
connections are much easier for disconnecting the earth...

Have fun,

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to all your contacts.
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administrator to do so...

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