[LAU] Drumprogram, Auto-Accompaniment - fully MIDI controllable?

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Date: Thursday, May 22, 2008 - 7:27 pm


I am new to this list and want to share my linux audio related experiences
with You while hopefully finding answers to my own problems.

The first problem I have run into is which drum program to use.

What I need is a program that

1.) uses a softwaresynth such as fluidsynth for playing the actual sound,
2.) can be triggered to play these sounds by receiving MIDI messages,
3.) (very important) can receive MIDI controller messages, so it will play
fills, intros, breaks, endings, start, stop etc. all by receiving MIDI

I have tried stygmorgan, but the doc is in Spanish only which I do not
understand, and the tracker/sequencer part of stygmorgan is something I do
not understand either... The author of stygmorgan wrote to me that stygmorgan
is the successor to horgand/gmorgan. But he has not released a newer version
of stygmorgan for quite some time.

I have tried hydrogen, but that does not understand MIDI messages other than

I have tried lmms, but this also does not understand MIDI controller messages,
although both hydrogen and lmms look very promising otherwise.

I have tried keykit, but I could not get the ports to run on my notebook and
the latest version 7.6e is not available on the download page.

What could you recommend to me?

Thanks in advance,
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