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To: Chris McCormick <chris@...>, lau >> linux audio users <linux-audio-user@...>
Date: Thursday, April 17, 2008 - 11:50 am

Hey Chris, nice to see you here !

> You might not know this, but apparently USB audio controllers work with

It's kind of a strange situation. Some usb audio to work, some don't. I had
success with an old dumb sony MD converter while others fail completely to
load. External audio is very random with the GP2x. Thank god, the headphone
out is great and has troumendous sound (while the ext out is really bad) so
I'm not to worried about it. On the other hand, MIDI usb doesn't work AT
ALL. I guess gamepark didn't think people would ever try that. Open2X might
be a solution towards that but who knows when it will be available. We did
find a way to do midi out tho, using the ext serial port and converting the
'standard' baud rate (midi baud rate is not implemented in the kernel) to
proper midi one... see an example here:

and apparently it wouldn't be too much trouble to modifiy the pic so that we
could do midi in too. It's a little tricky but it works

> Anyway, maybe it would be cool to add midi controller capabilities to

Part of the grandplan for future release will be axed around providing a 16
channel multitimbral midi synth using lgpt's instruments to play on top of
sequenced/tracked stuff. For some reason, I'm only eating about 10% of the
2x's capabilities so there's a lot of room for new stuff :)

I'm planning on adding not only midi control but probably extended USB
Joysticks too, opening the software functionalities to other interfaces than
the GUI... I'll keep the features rolling, don't worry !

> Keep up the awesome software + music,

*bow* thanks

PS: I guess you must have heard about the pandora project. Definetly one to
watch in the "small music box" area.

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