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To: Susan Cragin <susancragin@...>
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Date: Friday, February 15, 2008 - 6:35 pm

If I'm not too far wrong; Turn the mic up as high as it goes, without being
in the red zone. Thus you capture even relatively low sounds and have a max
range. See that your room doesn't contain disturbing noises, like
computer-humming and other stuff. Make sure your mic isn't too noisy.
About plugins: If you have a regular alsa installed, and I don't know why
you wouldn't, then you have all you need here.
Exceptions: You can't really store soundfiles on disk with your app, then
you'd need the file-plugin, but I believe it's still included in alsa, if
that's not the case, you need to install alsa-plugins package from your
The rest you'd need would simply be for editing. Mostly ladspa/lv2 plugins
and other software to denoise, compress/expand, filter...
Kindest regards

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