[LAU] The Drummer's "Gigsaw": 3d draft.

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Date: Wednesday, December 3, 2008 - 7:02 pm

Hi all,

As you see, i come back to the "Gigsaw".

-Hey, say... man! What is it, then? Gigsaw or Jigsaw? It's rather
unstable... your releases!

-Oh yes, Sir! Surely because since i saw this "grande gigue", i
dance it, the jig!

PS. "grande gigue" = beanpole of a girl.

Nevertheless you find the 3d draft here:


For the first time, there are the BLUES-patterns with velocities.

You'll be able to see that some velocities doesn't correspond to the
Lilypond source.
Who is the culprit?
Is it me who pushes the Midi in an extreme way with 8 tracks on the same
Is it Lilypond which doesn't encode very well the CC7 on each track?
Is it Mididings which doesn't read very well the messages?
Don't be afraid, it isn't a huge issue at the present time.

For those ones who are interested I have also put on my site a try of
each separate track and its transformation. But the results are the same.


Anyway i can live with it. These are only little drawbacks.

Also the Base which will be used by the ones who want to write from
scratch has completely changed. In the next releases i'll add some flams
and drags with after beat.

From Neanderthal to contemporary music, now you can play like a Free
Artist a game of percussions.

Then, Gigsaw or Jigsaw? I get lost. Is it meaningfull for you?. Tell me
otherwise i'll go to a psychoanalyst. (open source of course, i know one
of them)

-Hey man! Don't play too much with this game...

Have fun.
Superbonus-Project (Site principal)

Superbonus-Project (Plate-forme d'├ęchange):

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