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To: Josep Andreu <holborn@...>, A list for linux audio users <linux-audio-user@...>
Date: Sunday, December 28, 2008 - 2:01 pm

Josep Andreu wrote:

hallo josep,
copying the attached libtool did not helped - still got the same error.
yes, i did removed the hole holborn dir first and did an fresh cvs co.
how ever, installing the libtool from experimental was just as easy as
downloading the .deb file and typing sudo dpkg -i ....
than everything was ok and the plugins are compilig!
what to say, i did not experiment very much until now with them, but i
am impressed of the sounds!! the 3band eq is just so great, but the
other plugins too.
only the harmonizer...i still did not tried the midi trick explained in
the README file, but with just running it in the jack-dssi-host and
connecting to a mono voice track into ardour via insert gives a strange
sound which is not satisfactory, since it sound clipped and not harmonized.
sorry for this statement. peraps it has to do with the fact, that jackd
in the moment here is compiled with debuging symbols, because of
debuging some stuff with the ardour people on the irc. so as soon i have
time, i ll recompile jackd and try again, as well as i wanna try that
midi trick!

but for now -- thanks again for the 7 new plugins in our ladspa suite!!

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