Re: [LAU] Korg M50 anyone hooked this up to linux?

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Date: Wednesday, December 24, 2008 - 1:39 am wrote:

I have the X50. The editor software didn't used to work in wine, but I
think it does now. Haven't got round to trying it myself yet though.

As for USB Midi- with Linux it just works. You just need the
snd-usb-audio module in your kernel (almost always autoloaded these
days). Then it shows up as a standard ALSA midi device. I suggest using
qjackctl (even if you aren't using jack) to manage these- it's really
good and makes everything make much more sense.

I never did manage to get Windows MIDI to work properly. From what I can
gather their way of connecting things up is just silly.

You won't have any latency issues if you use the USB midi, whereas you
might if using ordinary midi connections.
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