Re: [LAU] new laptop redux

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To: shane richards <shanerich@...>
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Date: Friday, November 21, 2008 - 5:01 am

shane richards wrote:

Okay, will do.

> 2) Add the ubuntu-studio repos, but don't just install the entire set;

Doing it now. I already built Csound 5.09.2, I'm compiling Ardour 3 now.

> 2b) Get jack SVN. Maybe the easiest way is to leave the ubuntu

Right-o. I know this dance. :)

> 4) Get a copy of rncbc's rt_irq script. It's a good basis to get

Will do.

Another question: I changed the ownership for /dev/nvidia0 and
/dev/nvidiactl to include myself, but on reboot the ownerships had
reverted. How do I make the change permanent ?



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