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Date: Wednesday, January 9, 2008 - 10:01 am

Simon Williams wrote:

I've been using and loving the Yamaha audio patches for years. Someone
else on the list mentioned that a lot of the Yamaha audio sound is due
to the licensing of some very sophisticated wave guide audio patents
from MIT or some college like that. I suppose you could read the patents
and figure it out, but ...

> I guess maybe I'm not really looking for soundfonts. I don't really want

Hmm, that almost sounds like an artifact of listening to audio through
laptop speakers. They all make the bass sound too quiet, at least to me.

> Maybe I'll end up writing my own. But at the moment I haven't

Yamaha uses samples of real acoustic instruments, plus their wave guide
software. I think most synthesizers these days essentially do the same
thing. Didn't someone on the list mention an article about how it's
impossible to synthesize a true piano sound?

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