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From: cdr <_@...>
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Date: Saturday, September 22, 2007 - 1:59 am

On Sat Sep 22, 2007 at 01:14:24AM +0100, Simon Williams wrote:

most people don't. they just use the onboard speakers to watch youtube clips with 8kbps compressed audio..

that said, i found onboard sound completely usable with jack, from a technical standpoint. the main prob is the desktop has horrible RFI sounding leakage on the autio out. and the notebook has horrible quality and additionally after bumping the headphone jack only outputs the left channel.,

> (more on why later). In the end I gave up and settled with one audio

youll definitely go insane if youre trying to use dmix ALSA apps and JACK stuff all at once, with a single PCM.

ask yourself, do you really need those ALSA apps? which are they? mplayer has a jack backend, as does gstreamer, so just about any media player should be covered if you choose to use JACK instead of dmix for multiplexing your PCM

> dmix blocked the soundcard anyway, so if any one of my applications didn't

flash opens another PCM if the lowest one is blocked, like hw:0,0,2 if hw:0,0,0 is in use. not sure about other cards but my echo has 8 PCMs (and hw mixing) even tho theres only one physical out.

> Actually, whilst I'm at it could somebody please explain why

cuz it picks a large buffer with ALSA and doesnt let you configure it easily.. instead of slaving to jack's more sensible settings for realtime use

> But now I want to play along to an mp3 track. And here a large number of

eh? mplayer plays to jack, madjack is an OSC controllable mp3 player that afaik, _only_ plays to jack.. plus maybe one of the DAWs can play mp3 regions directly without decoding to WAV on import (the way Samplitude has done for a decade), have you tried qtractor, ardour, and traverso? maybe you can use ogg and one of them will do it by virtue of libsndfile?

> My initial thought was to try and get my other applications to use jack

xmms-jack is pretty old. audacious played to jack fine here, before i stopped using GUI players entirely..

> can't even get some applications to use ALSA instead of OSS, so I don't

apps that still only support OSS? which are these?

> And then I found this...

gentoo has a /etc/init.d/alsasound which handles the mixerstate and other stuff.. theres a simialr script for initng

i think in general. udev handles it. i mean i cant even play sound without udev..

that jack-PCM for alsa is kinda nutty, and doesnt totally work. again, why not fix the apps causing problems to not require hacks in the first place?

> 1. How do you tell an application to use dmix (an old and probably

set the output to plug:dmix.

> 2. Why does adding an extra layer of software (jack) in between fluidsynth

sane buffer defaults and better playback (callback) design

> 3. How do I get proprietary software (which for some reason all still uses

flash doesnt use OSS anymore. upgrade to v9

> 3a. Or at the very least get the flash plugin to release the sound device

gnash almost plays youtube these days, btw..

> 4. How do I check that /etc/asound.conf and/or ~/.asoundrc are actually

ao=jack in /etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf or ~/.mplayer. xmms, try audacious. flash, good luck :)

> If I buy a pcmcia soundcard is it worth it? Any recommendations? Will it

i'd say so. the sound quality differnce was night and day between the onboard ATIIXP and Echo Indigo. like lifting a veil. plus the onboard plug stopped sending the right channel after bumping it lightly once. my desktop had slightly better onboard quality (intel8x0) but had horrible noise leakage from the cpu and USB..

> I'm currently looking at 70 pounds on ebay for a Creative Audigy 2, which

nice DACs and ADCs fit into a PCMCIA enclosure are surely more expensvie to produce than a cheapo MIDI chip in a plastic USB brick.

that said, i got my indigo-io for a bit over 100 USD on ebay. thats what, 40 pounds?

> loathed to buy a USB one (especially as I only have USB1.1)- anyone got any

nope. i'd stay away :)

also note that most firewire interfaces are not bus-powered. unless you have a fat 6-pin plug. (the little 4-pin plug being most common)


eh? every MIDI device i still own has usb bus power and additional MIDI ports (CME U-Key, Korg PadKontrol). so ive got a MidiSport and MOTU MIDI thing just sitting in a pile of junk


hope that helps. in summary i dont things are as bad as you make them seem (i can empathize with the feelings of frustration. and used to feel like you, until making a few changes)

> Simon

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