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Date: Sunday, August 19, 2007 - 2:38 pm


Am Sonntag, 19. August 2007 schrieb Chuckk Hubbard:


As I said I use _not_ the internal soundcard (allmost all internal soundcar=
suck big time) but my Presonus Firepod (not Firebox as I originally=20
stated...) which is a firewire-device. I wanted to do 3x64 which would have=
been possible but after the problems in the rehearsal I somehow stuck to=20
3x128 which was still good enough for live effects.

Btw: You don want to use two different devices for input and output=20
simultaneously, they will never sync (unless you do some syncing=20
electronically). Search this lists archive for details why this is not goin=
to work without _lots_ of work... In the end its not worth the price unless=
you have no/little money and lots of time and fancy the challenge.
To simply have it working its far easier to just buy a device of decent=20

Another thing I forgot to write is the fact that I used Japa (thanks to Fon=
for adding the noise-generators) to setup the PA. Worked like a charm and g=
us two physicist really happy talking about FFT and resonances and so on. :=

Have a nice week(-end),

Hi, I am a .signature virus. Please copy me into your ~/.signature and send=
to all your contacts.
After a month or so log in as root and do a rm / -rf. Or ask your=20
administrator to do so...

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